Thursday, November 8, 2012

Like a clap of thunder

I found myself right back in the story of Samuel being called this morning because God wanted to teach me a little bit more about this special man.  

Yesterday, we talked about the tingle of God.  Riding in this morning the Lord brought the word tingle back to my mind, so I responded okay I'll give it another look when I get to my desk.  It was amazing what He once again taught me because I was obedient and responded!  

I started with the word tingle and it means in the original language of Hebrew exactly that tingle with the ears.  The commentary went on with these examples "like a clap of thunder", "slap both ears at once", or "make them smart with pain".  God was making a point loudly to the people and to Samuel.  I think God was doing the same with me through this story today.

First point that grasp my attention today was that it took Samuel going to Eli 3 times before Eli realized it was a Divine Appointment for Samuel.  He was the teacher and it took him a little while to grasp who was calling.  How often do we go to the wrong person?  Or how often does the teacher respond without grasping who might be needing a reply of ask the Lord to speak to you?  

Samuel was a young man in his early teens when he was called in this story.  He served the Lord, but did not yet have the personal relationship with the LORD to recognize His voice.  Yet he knew about Him, he served Him daily.  In fact, he was sleeping by the doors of the LORD to open them in the morning.  

I want you to picture this young man asleep it was still night, but dawn was near.  Because we are told that the lamp of God was not yet gone out we know it was nearing the early light and he heard his name.  Samuel was thinking it was his mentor, so he responded by going immediately to his teacher.  Don't you know he might have wanted to roll over and ignore it?  Think about early teenagers you know!  Okay, settled we all know that he might have been tempted to roll over, but he didn't he got up.  Not once, but 3 times to be sure he wasn't needed.

Finally, Eli realized that it was God wanting to share with Samuel.  Eli gave Samuel wonderful instructions about being a respectful, willing, and obedient servant.  At the time do you think Eli might have felt disappointment because he wasn't going to receive this special word?  Do you think deep in his being he knew God was going to share about Eli's family?  Eli knew he put his family before the LORD and ignored the things his children had done.  One commentary stated that in his heart he knew it was going to be about his judgment and that part of the discipline was that he did not receive the message himself that he had to receive it from his obedient student.  What words have someone stated to you recently that perhaps were a message that you didn't receive from the LORD, but were given from someone else in discipline?

Samuel received the harsh message about God disciplining Eli.  What did Samuel do?  Did he brag about it? Did he walk around the next morning shouting guess who talked to me about what He is about to do?  No, we are told he laid back down until morning and went about his chores.  In fact, he did not share with Eli until Eli made him share with him.

Yet he shared it!  Don't you know this was difficult for this young man?  Isn't it hard to tell an adult bad news, yet this young man had to do exactly that!  In fact, we are told that Samuel told him everything, hiding nothing from him.  Eli responded with resigned respect knowing exactly who God was and is!  He is LORD!

So much in this chapter for all of us to learn.  Are we listening to God?  Or perhaps continually running to someone else?  Also, when God does use us are we humble and remember that actually it is God doing it and He allows us to participate?

Wow, Samuel was a special young man that God used in a Mighty Way!  What special young person do you know that perhaps you need to direct to go lay down, ask the LORD to speak and then listen?  Then again maybe it is us that needs to follow this advice for ourselves!

Listening to the clap of thunder,

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