Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Give thanks for family and all that implies!

Holidays usually mean getting together with all the family or with those you love!  We love them and they love us, but that also means accepting things about each other that we don't necessarily love.  Holidays bring busy schedules, which brings on short fuses, along with patience left the scene yesterday.  Anybody relate?

We rush all year long and we come into November and December on what is left over along with the rush of the season.  We gather together to share stories, laugh, eat, and celebrate thanks and joy when suddenly brings up a story that you don't think near as funny as the others do.  Oops, it starts!  Seriously, I love the family gathering together and truly being reminded how much I love each one.

I've been doing the Beth Moore study on James the brother of Jesus.  Imagine being the little half brother to Jesus!  Talk about some sibling issues of feeling well way less than this perfect older brother!  Yes, He truly is perfect not like our brothers or sisters that we make perfect in our own minds, but truly perfect and not to mention He is the Savior of the world!  I had never given this thought much thought until this study and I am someone that is open about the insecurity issues that I faced with my older brother's success on the golf course and my sister's beauty.  God's word once again helped me realize that all is healed through Jesus!

Imagine, Jesus hearing the words that his own brother thinks he having issues with his mind.  James lived in the house with Jesus, but yet was not a believer at first!  Read the different scriptures in the early stages of Jesus preaching and the things we learn, but most important we find him with the other believers praying when Peter escapes from prison.  Finally, he believes that indeed Jesus was the Savior.

I bring this up today because do you have relationships that need healing within your family?  Pray and ask God to show you the way to allow Him to heal the relationship. WE are not able to heal the relationship, but HE is!  So pray for God's guidance in using the right words, patience in understanding and letting go of situations that more thank likely they don't mean anything by they are human just like we are and we all need forgiveness and to let things go!  Yes, each and everyone of us all need to let go!  So let go and give thanks that you have family and that God makes each of us unique and we are all His children!

Jesus forgave his own family for not honoring him.  Read Mark 6 about among his relatives and in his own house a prophet without honor.  Yes, He was sent for His own family and they didn't realize who He was and yet He loved them just like He loves us.  We are all forgiven because He loved us first, not the other way around!

Love first your family member that needs to see and feel love and allow God's healing love to run all over each of you!  Invite Him into your gathering to sit at your tables and share His amazing love with everyone!

Sweet blessings,

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