Monday, March 11, 2013


Numbers 34 -36

"...these will be the boundaries."

Today it struck me that even though God gives us boundaries to acknowledge and live by, He still gives us way more than we need or could possibly use.  I read the footnote in one of my Bibles and also commentary on this passage and learned that the Hebrew people did not reside on all the land that God designated.  He gave them way more than they lived on.

God gives us way more than we can possibly imagine or even comprehend!

We serve a Mighty God that is so huge, we just can't grasp Him and I give thanks to Him that He is all of that and more!  God is Mighty Indeed!

Actually, God gives us boundaries, but we are the ones that set the limits.  We limit ourselves it's not God!
Today, think outside the lines.

In fact, I like to tell people color outside the lines!  Its fun!


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Frankie said...

I love the thought that God gave them way more land than they lived on! God is good!