Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I've mentioned before about a wonderful book that I have been reading and once again I want to share a few words about trust written by Keri Wyatt Kent in her new devotional book Deeply Loved.  The book is fantastic and it really encourages each of us to a deeper relationship with Our Savior with helpful tips and thought provoking steps at the end of each topic on how to practice the new thought perhaps.

A few of the words that Keri shared on trust really touched my heart and got my mind rolling.  Keri asked the question, "Do I trust?" and went on to say this powerful paragraph ~
"To trust is to admit that you are not God, that you cannot control the outcome of situations, that you will show up, listen hard to your calling, do the work, and open your hands.  It is the hardest way to live, and yet, the most exhilarating."  Keri is right!  Working with women I would hazard a guess that 95% of women struggle with control issues.  Oh, a lot of women don't admit it, but just sit back and watch and it all comes back to trying to control our situations that surround us!  We have to let go to truly trust and God wants us to let go!

Also, Keri discusses that during the difficult times we must look at the blessings that surround us even in the difficult time and this allows us to trust!  Keri suggested that you write down all your worries right now and then make a list of all the things you are grateful for and it will help us to give thankgsiving.

Just a few of the powerful thoughts on trust that spoke to my heart from Keri's book.  I was given this book to give this review, but I have since purchased it for the ministry to provide for women that want a more intimate walk with the LORD.  It is fabulous!  You may purchase the book through and begin a journey that will draw you closer to the LORD!


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