Monday, March 4, 2013

But the very next morning

Numbers 16 - 18

I felt like "one of those mumbling Israelites" this morning!  Which is not good!

I was reading and just awed by God's power of having the earth swallow up the men speaking against Moses.  Moses quickly had the people get away from the tents of these men to save them and warned them not to touch anything that belonged to them and no sooner than he got them away safe God had the ground open up.  These people witnessed this amazing situation and yet the very next morning they started muttering again!

How often do we give something to God and yet the next morning or even the next moment we start all over again?  Am I alone with my muttering?

Father, forgive me.

Sweet blessings,


Chantay said...

You are not alone. I just seems to come so natural. I have to catch myself and ask for forgiveness, more than I should.

Frankie said...

Nope, not alone! I ampretty sure I muttered today.

What I love about the reading today is how God so highly esteemed Aaron by having Aaron's staff permanently placed before the Ark of the Covenant. Aaron, his family and his tribe, the Levites were given such high honor even after the whole "golden calf" idolatry that Aaron was involved in. Aaron got more than a second chance considering he and Miriam were involved in grumbling against Moses too. This just shows me and reminds how merciful our God is. Thankfully, The Lord forgives and uses the imperfect.