Friday, March 8, 2013

Take a stand...

Numbers 27 - 29

I always love the story about the "daughters of Zelophehad".    These ladies exhibited such amazing strength and boldness to go before the leaders for what they believed was right.

It's difficult enough for women to take a stand even in today's time without knowing we have it all together and we are right, but in this time when women were not suppose to be voicing opinions it's amazing!  Yet these daughters knew in their hearts that their father had not rebelled and they deserved to have his belongings, so they were willing to be bold and "endure" (original meaning) going before the leaders.

Women willing to take a stand for what was right even a very long time ago.  What will we learn today from these special women?  Will we stand for what is right?  Will we petition leaders to hear the truth?  Will we learn from these special women that took a stand a very long time ago?

Let's stand today for truth and what is right!

Standing for Him,

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