Saturday, November 9, 2013


Ever experience a faith crisis?  A moment of uncertainty?

If I'm being real I must say yes, if I were to hide behind the image of having it all together I would say no, but I'm not hiding!  I have had a moment...or two...

Our faith walk is not easy.  We will all face situations that call on us to really search what we believe and once we search we realize where we truly stand...Every time the Lord allowed a situation to happen in my life that causes me to ask questions, HE brings me through! (notice I say allowed, not caused)  He shows me that HE is exactly who HE says HE is...

In preparation for Sunday school, I have been studying John 9 the story of Jesus healing the man born blind.  The neighbors that saw him everyday questioned if it was really him or not...His own parents were ask the question ~ "Is this your son who was born blind?"  They know it is him, yet they reply "they don't know how he sees."  Do they not believe their own son that Jesus healed him?  Were they so afraid to speak truth?  Are we afraid to speak truth?  Are we afraid to show no doubt?

Do you know that doubt is defined as uncertain, or to consider questionable, or to hesitate to believe?  Are we fearful like these parents to admit we believe or perhaps we truly are uncertain exactly what we believe?

Are we like this man that is able to share that indeed he believes who Jesus is?

I believe!  I know Jesus and I'm certain, because He shows up in the most unbelievable ways!  

Do you know that Jesus told this man to go to Siloam to wash.  The name Siloam means "sent".  Jesus was sent from God.  God doesn't do anything by chance.  Isn't this cool?  Jesus was sent and He sent this man to a place that means sent?  God connects all the dots, it's whether we pay attention or not!  The author of this lesson (Explore the Bible) brought up another important lesson the Greek verb that means "to receive sight" can also mean "to look up" .  Don't we all really begin to see once we realize and look up to who Jesus truly is?

Everything that was once blurry is now clear because of Jesus?  The uncertainty is cleared up once we walk through the doubts with Jesus showing us the way!

Believing in Jesus,

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