Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thank you! Thank you!

First thing this morning, I heard the sirens and I gave thanks for these wonderful people that respond when the call comes in!  Yes, thank you to the police, the firemen, the emt's, all of these wonderful people that run toward trouble and not away from it!

I will never forget one night when I was in college and Pam was in high school, we just had to go to the mall.  Our parents were really not in favor, but we went anyway...Well, on the way home a car ran a red light and ran right into us.  We were okay from the accident, but were a little afraid when the woman that hit us raised her trunk and got her tire jack out coming towards us.  Yes, needless to say we should have stayed home.  About this time a man came along and stopped with us and the police arrived.  We never knew for sure if she was going to repair her tire or hurt one of thankful we didn't find out!

Yes, we give thanks for these wonderful people that show up at difficult times to help!

Thank you Lord for sending special people to help our hurts!

Sweet blessings,

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