Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thankful for my guilty pleasure

It's time to confess!

Yes, Please don't tell anybody else...but I'm obsessed with Dancing with the Stars!

Absolutely, love it!

Now I know some of the naysayers think what? how?  Well, that is what life is about we all have opinions and this is one of mine.  Love it!

Now let me share why with all of you.  I love to watch the pure joy that comes across these faces once they accomplish whatever goal it might be they had for themselves.  The growth and the joy are truly shown right on their faces.

I don't watch a lot of television anymore other than shows that try to build people up.  I also love The Voice and the same is true with this wonderful show.  We celebrate the God given talent of the voice not what's on the outside ~ what's coming from within!

Now, I also have to admit that I love that cute little young fella ~ Derek Hough.  I know many of you will say what...he's confident, he's the golden boy, he's won 4 times, but I love the fact that this young man takes the time to truly develop friendship with each partner and bring out the qualities from within each of these women.  He becomes their friend and brings out their best.  Yes, he is confident...BUT HE WORKS FOR WHAT HE GETS.  Maybe sometimes the judges or ABC like him, but he doesn't rest on his backside he works and enjoys making the absolute best out of each moment of life.  Listen to what he shares about his life and the people he shares it with...he is deeper inside than many young people today.

Now, I truly do give thanks for the shows that build people up and don't tear them down.  We celebrate the joy, the growth, the beauty of dancing!  Now this isn't a deep giving thanks moment, but yet again it is...we need to celebrate God given talents and treasure the smiles across the faces that accomplish their goals!  Hard work celebrated that is definitely something to give thanks about in this world we live in...

Sweet blessings,

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