Monday, November 4, 2013

Writing in the margins

Do you write in your Bible?

I do.

Okay, for those of you that just cringed it's okay.  Take a deep breath and calm down.

I've grown my relationship with Christ through this process and that is what it's all about, isn't it?

If someone were to pick up my bible, you might see a few drawings like above or perhaps a date with a thought beside it, because God really spoke to me through the process and I don't want to forget it.  I'm human time goes by and I forget.  I might need that reminder of God showing up in my life, but my brain might not remember, but it's  in my Bible.

Recently, I came upon a book written by Lisa Nichols Hickman that is entitled, "Writing in the Margins" and it is just about what I'm talking about and it is super!  Her thoughts on this topic are about connecting with God on the Pages of the Bible.  I'm loving it.  She encourages us to read certain scriptures and then to write, draw, or something else in our bibles.  I'm loving it.  I know it might not be for you, but it might...Do you know that a lot of people have written in their Bibles?  Florence Nightingale for instance wrote beside Genesis 45:5, "God did send me to preserve life."  Also, Francis of Assisi, wrote "Deus Meus, Mea Omnia, My God and My All)" near Psalm 86:12.  Powerful, thoughts and imagine the touching moments of those that found them and how God may have used them in the moment to help them.

Lisa in one of her exercises had anyone that reads her book to write the alphabet at the front of your bible and write something that matches each letter that you are thankful for...
November is about giving thanks, so perhaps you might try this new way of giving thanks for fabulous things in your life.

I encourage you to write in your margins and grow your relationship with God.  Also, if you need some encouragement you might consider ordering Lisa's book!  It's a good one and I'll share with you that God is taking me on a journey about being creative.  Creative and me aren't not words I would put together, but I'm realizing that we are all creative because we are created in His Image!  Through the process of creativity this book was brought to my attention.  God's ways are special!

Drawing and writing in the margins,

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