Friday, November 29, 2013

So very thankful for my mom and dad...

Today, I am thankful for my awesome parents!

My parents were my parents not my buddies, as I was growing up and I believe this is so very important.  Discipline with love was a huge part of our family.  Oh I didn't like them at the moment of discipline, but it was so needed.

Today, they are still the best but along with being parents they are my friends.  We laugh together, we eat together, we travel together, we work together.  We are still family!

I give thanks that my parents made the 3 of us...Hal, Pam, and myself their priority!  We knew and we know still to this day that we are loved by two of the best!

Thank you Lord, for my parents, Mary and Howard!

What about your parents?

Sweet blessings,

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