Monday, March 2, 2015

Memory is a funny thing...

Numbers 11 - 13

Today, reading the story about the Israelites beginning to complain reminded me a lot of right now ~ everywhere.  I don't watch a lot of the news anymore because honestly it sounds an awful lot like complaining on both sides and nobody doing anything about it...anyway back to our reading today.

I think the people must have put on rose colored glasses when they begin to think back about where they came from...rather than whips and chains they were remembering their past like it was a banquet with only the finest foods served.  Don't you know Moses wanted to be able to pull out pictures and remind them of the truth of what they left behind?  Instead, he had to endure their moaning and groaning and then he even interceded with God for them!  

Isn't that what we are suppose to do right now?  Shouldn't we be praying for all the moaning and groaning around us?  

Quite honestly, we are so much like these people remembering what we want to and making it sound so much better...or is that only me?  Do you get up every morning and put on rose colored glasses rather than looking at the reality and being thankful for that reality?  After all, look around where you are right now.  Are you in a warm room?  Do you have food to eat?  Are you surrounded by your loved ones?  Did you wake up this morning?  Do you feel okay?  Do you see sunshine?  Do you feel the rain hitting your face?  Do you smell the flowers? Do you have anyone that intercedes in prayer for you?  Any of these situations and you are blessed!  Quit complaining!  Be positive and make a difference!

No rose colored glasses...give thanks for all that you are, all that you have learned in the journey, and what God will continue to teach you along the journey!  Enjoy the manna!

Sweet blessings,

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