Monday, March 30, 2015


Some places just the name bear witness to the testimony of Jesus ~ above the garden where Jesus went to pray right before his arrest.  

In today's reading, Joshua 22 -24 the passage that spoke volumes to my heart was in Joshua 22:34 ~ 
The people of Reuben and Gad named the altar "Witness," for they said, "It is a witness between us and them that the LORD is our God, too.

What is a witness in your life that the LORD is our God, too?

Jesus gave everything for each of us...Do we stop to ponder this anymore?  Oh, sometimes this week Holy Week, we pause and give thanks, but then life happens...busy work, busy calendars, busy, busy, busy just gets in the way of allowing our life to be a witness?  Does it happen or not?  Do we share what Jesus is doing right now in our life with others?  

Thanking God for His Amazing love that truly is way more than I can fathom...

Sweet blessings,

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