Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Inspirational and Beautiful story! A Must Read ~ The Tomb by Stephanie Landsem

Order this book today!   Definitely, 5 stars!

Everybody thinks you know the story of Martha?  Well, maybe not!

Did you ever think that Simon the Leper, the man filled with demons that Jesus calls out and throws into the pigs, and Mary's family were all woven together?  Well, Stephanie brings these stories together in the most beautiful, touching way!  Amazing, beautiful, real, heart-breaking, so many words to describe this story.

I don't like to give away details and especially in this book.  I don't want to ruin it for anyone.  I just want to encourage you to give yourself a gift and order it today!  I felt Martha's doubts, I felt her pain, I felt her love, I felt her fears, I felt her horror of her truth being revealed, I felt for Martha and that is a great book!  When the person reading feels all the feelings of the people in the story and you do.  Not only Martha's, but Mary's, Lazarus's, and the others.

I am always eagerly awaiting the release of Stephanie's books.  The Tomb does not disappoint ~ it might be her best!  I encourage you to order all 3 of her books and you decide.

Well, I hope you get to reading soon.

Sweet blessings,

P. S. I was given this book to review, but I will be ordering it for friends.  It's amazing!

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Stephanie Landsem said...

Thanks for reviewing The Tomb, Debbie, and for sharing it with your readers. I appreciate it!