Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Leviticus 6:7

Making you right with him, and you will be forgiven for any of these sins you have committed.


Have you trespassed against someone?

Have you been pardoned?

Have you been covered?

Are you reconciled?

Over and over in the reading today the words making you right with the Lord and you will be forgiven were used. Over and Over…Do we get it?

The cross made us right with the Lord. Jesus took it and covered us. He reconciled us and yet we try to gloss over the blood of Christ.

Today, the reading was over and over the blood of something…the blood of a young bull, the blood of sheep, turtledoves, pigeons, rams…The blood of Christ on the cross is what it took for me to be forgiven and reconciled…

Because of Christ I am right with God, but only if I realize this important fact and do we get it?

God is in the details. The past few days of reading have been difficult. It is hard to read the details of offerings and sacrifice that had to be given to be reconciled, but it is important! All of this matters and most important the words you will be forgiven are important! Don't forget them!!!




thedubberlychick said...

Yes... In today's lesson, a couple of things were repeated. I know that means when it's repeated, it's important. One of the things I found interesting that the Lord repeated was in Lev. 6:12,13 "the fire on the altar must be kept burning; it must never go out." The reason, I read, was probably because there were offerings every day. It also said that good house-keepers kept their fire in their kitchen lit. I didn't know that...

Also, I was studying about the different offerings. The Burnt Offering was for the forgiveness of sins since their was blood shed from the animal. The Grain Offering, on the other hand, was for "worship" rather than for "atonement." "The Grain Offering praised God for His abundant supply of the 'daily bread' for the Israelite." Also, yesterday I had wondered why unleavened bread was used instead of bread with yeast. One reason it says that on the first passover in Ex 12:8 they were to eat bread without yeast." This probably was because they had to eat their final meal in a hurry. They didn't have time for the bread to rise. Also, it said as a part of the Jewish Passover that's still in observance today all households remove all leaven because it is understood in Scripture to be Symbolic of evil....

Frankie said...

Debbie, thanks for reminding us that there is a cost for the forgiveness of sin. The blood shed that was described in today's Scripture for the sin offering was difficult to read. I wanted to hurry through it. That may be what we want to do about the cross of Jesus. Hurry by it, look away, not think about it except maybe once a year at Easter. Feeling thankful for The One who was my sin offering. May I think of Him everyday,Jesus the One and Only.