Saturday, February 6, 2010

Whose banner?

Exodus 17:15

Yahweh-nissi – "the LORD is my banner"

I am a happy woman!

No it's not because my two favorite teams are in the super bowl, but they are! So I win either way! Yes, I live in Louisiana…but I love Indianapolis too! Don't be mad! It's true I will win the super bowl either way it goes…not the point of this writing though.

My point is I don't fly a flag for the Saints or the Colts ~ My banner flies for the LORD!

I know in this day and age we seem to take things to extremes. I am really ready for the game to be over. It is all you hear about and I love football, but in the big scope of life how much does this game truly matter? I love football a lot. I watch it throughout the season, Saturdays I watch game after game…Sunday, more games ~ so I love football. Point being extremes…extreme football, extreme news, extreme scandals…do we do anything in small doses?

It just seems we get things a little out of balance…oh well, just thoughts to ponder whose banner are you flying?

Sweet blessings,


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