Monday, February 22, 2010

Pleasing Aroma?


The last few days have been tough reading for me. The details are so important to God. Over and over he gives the details that he wants followed and some of this is difficult for us to grasp.

Yesterday, Frankie pointed out to me that - God stated in Leviticus 14 that I may contaminate some of
your houses in your land with mildew…and then He gave instructions of how to treat the houses. She was asking what I thought about it and truthfully we she asked me I had not read yet. I came home picked it and pondered it. I wrote to the side is this about obedience? I think all of these chapters are God and the people being obedient…were they or weren't they…He gave the rules and were they going to follow them.

Today, I was struck in Leviticus 17 about burn the fat and that this would be a pleasing aroma to the LORD. So I looked up the original meaning of aroma and it stated a soothing odour to the terms of a sacrifice to God, fragrance…I thought are we a pleasing aroma to God? Am I?

Difficult reading with little details that mean so very much…God loves the details. God is in the details and difficult as this reading is He is in these details. I feel Him saying Debbie that wasn't pleasing to me or you weren't being obedient to me, but at the same time I feel Him at times saying Debbie you got it right this time ~ Yes, keep going or Debbie, you smell good today…

Does any of this make sense? Do you smell good today? Is your aroma pleasing to God?


Sweet blessings,



Frankie said...

Debbie, this passage about the pleasing aroma to God reminded me of a scripture from 2 Corinthians 2:15-16. I believe that our aroma without Christ is not pleasing to God.

Thankfully when we accept Christ's sacrifice on the cross, the Scriptures say, "we are to God the aroma of Christ among those who are being saved and those who are perishing. To one we are the smell of death, to the other, the fragrance of life...."

The details are important, aren't they?

thedubberlychick said...

Yes, Debbie, you're right. The reading has been difficult. Aromas. Fragrances. Am I pleasing to God?

Frankie, I liked that. "To one we are the smell of death, to the other, the fragrance of life.." Awesome!

Also, in Lev. 19: 23 says " not mark your skin with tattoos. I am the Lord." The next time I see my sweet teenage nieces, I'm going to tell them about this verse. They don't have any tattoos yet,and hopefully they won't get any!