Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lord’s Command

Numbers 9:23

So they camped or traveled at the LORD'S command, and they did whatever the LORD told them to do through Moses.

Reading today and considering the facts about women…being one and all…I thought can you imagine they had no say when it was time to clean up camp and go…We women like to plan or the majority do…

We have our calendars, daytimers, and we schedule our time. We plan ahead. We know what is right around the bend. Not the women traveling with Moses, they had to be ready to pick up their home and go.

Imagine, you might be there two days, a month or a year, but you did not know.

Some of this would be nice. You wouldn't be the one making the decisions, you wouldn't be the one that changed the plans, and you wouldn't be the one trying to answer the question of how much longer mom? I remember we would get in the car when we were little and it never failed…Pam would ask how much further or where are we going to have lunch. It didn't matter if it was momma or daddy, Pam would immediately start with the questions about distance or the next meal. I read this today and thought none of those parents had to deal with those questions.

Children traveling with Moses would have learned early that The Lord decided when they moved and where they went. Imagine it. You never knew where you were going to camp you just put one foot in front of the other until The Lord stopped. I think this is hard for us to comprehend. We are in a society where even the children make decisions about where they are going ~ not that I agree but they do. In some families they determine all of these decisions. It is difficult to grasp because even though we should STILL consult and follow the Lord with every decision ~ we don't. I try, but sometimes I just jump right in and then ask God to go along with my choice. Usually in this setting things don't go really well…it seems that I have a lot of bumps along this path whereas if I take the path of consulting and then waiting for my answer from God the journey goes much smoother. What about you?

Trying to follow the Command,


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Frankie said...

Debbie, we do tend to get tired of traveling or moving. I have moved a number of times in my lifetime and yet not as many times as some people have. Packing and unpacking, finding your away around a new city, making new friends, etc...always produces alot of anxiety.

I feel for the Israelites, but what I have always found was that God had a plan for those moves. There was a reason which usually involved people. The women of faith that I have met along the way have left a lasting impression on me. For instance, I believe our move to Shreveport was about us being closer to family and the purpose that God had for me in being apart of a ministry for women. And then the friendships, what an amazing blessing that has been!

May we apply to our own lives what we read over and over today, that Moses did just as the Lord had commanded him.