Saturday, September 18, 2010

Determined to work

Nehemiah 6 Hard at work, but forces around me want the work to stop! So, they continue to send messages to try to change my mind. Imagine, that the devil is so tricky using others that way!

So, finally a open letter arrived for Nehemiah. A sign of disrespect and he knew it. After all in that day a letter was flattened then rolled and tied with ribbon, but no this on arrived open and in the hand. Still, he was not going to be frightened or stopped from his work on the wall. So he worked hard with greater determination. I found it interesting when I looked at other translations part of the verse was left out and a very important part of the verse - But now O God strengthen my hands...How we finish our work we are called to do is only through the strength of God! I think it is interesting that in our version is says So I continued to work with greater determination...he did, but only with God's strength was he able to do so!

So don't stop continue to call on God for strength in your hands to get the work done!

Calling on Him,

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