Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Ezekiel 33: 11

I only want them to turn from their wicked ways so they can live. Turn! Turn from your wickedness, O people of Israel! Why should you die?

Simply turn! Change! Submit!

Doesn't sound so hard, does it?

Is it about having our own way, even if that means death?

I read this and wonder how could they not listen…then I think about us.

Stubbornness is one reason, disobedience is another, and pride along with a little selfishness tossed in just a few of the reasons they might not have listened. When we look at the big picture eternal life or sin, doesn't look like much of a choice! Yet, sin was chosen here in the Word and again today we make the choice of sin at times. How? Human beings that fail…daily…hourly…moment to moment.

Ezekiel warns them over and over. He is the watchman the man in charge of warning and if he doesn't then it is on him. It is his fault for their deaths. Do they have hearing problems? Do we?

Are we sharing the word about eternal life to others? Evangelism isn't easy, especially in today's world with we have to be politically correct and all. Well, I'm done with the worry of being political correct. I have to know that I've shared Jesus with those around me and how He died for my sins, for my wrong choices, for my choosing to sin and I will not make the mistake of not sharing the only HOPE in the world with others. If they don't want to listen, it's okay, but at least I know that I tried. How can we not share the LIGHT with this dark world?

All we are asking is to take a look at taking a different turn. A turn towards the LIGHT and eternal life and absolutely nothing is better than this!

Sweet blessings,


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Frankie said...

Debbie, I like the first part of verse 11, where the Sovereign Lord says to Ezekiel, "I take no pleasure in the death of wicked people." The Lord God doesn't want anyone to perish.

This reminds me of 2 Peter 3:9, "The Lord is not slow in keeping His promise, as some understand slowness. He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentence."

That is a good question that the Lord asks: Why should you die?