Sunday, September 26, 2010

Do we listen to our dreams?

Do we listen? Do we hear the messages intended for us?
In today’s reading, the three wise men were told to not return to Herod, Joseph was told to get up and flee to Egypt, and he was told when he could return home. What if we are missing our messages from God???
I don’t want to miss any of my messages and I am pretty sure I do.
It also hit me, when I receive them I don’t always immediately do what I think I’m being told. Joseph did that very night!
Joseph’s whole world was turned upside down by an angel of God and he listened. Our worlds are turned upside down and we sometimes turn away from God, don’t you think? Joseph was such a man of God, he listened. He must have been a very special man. His heart was open to God’s desires and he was willing to believe and trust in God. We must be willing. I love Joseph and his heart…his willing heart to listen and obey. He placed Jesus in the home of a very special man that He could learn about being special. He watched Joseph take care of his mom, he watched Joseph be obedient to the Father, He watched Joseph take care of his family, He watched Joseph be a servant to God’s desires and not his own. Sometimes, I think we don’t look at Joseph enough to realize all that we might learn from this man. This simple man that was a carpenter by trade, but a true Man of God with every step he took. A man that listened and obeyed Our Father, let’s follow Joseph’s example and receive our messages with obedience!
Sweet blessings,

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Frankie said...

Debbie, I love the thoughts you shared about Joseph. Mary seems to get all of the attention, but Joseph must have been pretty special too.