Thursday, September 2, 2010

Experience His Touch

Meetings with Jesus

Today, the reading was about genealogy and I felt lead to think and write about Jesus. I want you to imagine the feelings of people that experienced the touch of Jesus. The blind man that healed Jesus eyes, when he was able to see the first time looking between Jesus fingers he would have seen love and compassion flowing from Jesus face into him. Imagine, the woman with the issue of suffering when He probably helped to her feet and the totally loved feeling of this wonderful Jesus! Think about these people Jesus healed and the first night they went to sleep thinking about the amazing touch of Jesus.

What about the times that Jesus gazed into people's eyes? Don't you know He caught the eye of Mary when she anointed Him with love, thanks and quiet understanding? Or at the cross gazing down to His mother's eyes and the love that flowed without a word?

The laughter of Jesus. You know He laughed with the children and He always wanted the children to come to Him. He laughed, He played, and He spent time showing love and acceptance to a group that were not acknowledged much during this time.

Today, it is my prayer that you will ask Jesus for more. More of Him in your everyday, ordinary life! Experience His loving touch, Experience his gaze of understanding, the laughter at a shared funny moment, but share the time to experience. We are given this gift right now; we don't have to wait till we are in heaven. Jesus wants it now and so do you! Reach for Him and share the touch flowing with amazing love!

Sweet Blessings,


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Frankie said...

Debbie,thank you for encouraging us to imagine. To imagine what it would have been like to look upon the Christ who walked the earth with His people.

I was thinking about what was the importance of the genealogy that is in today's reading from 1 Chronicles? Is it to record the families/clans who were taken into captivity or died in Jerusalem? Real people! It is not just a made up story. The exile happened just as God said it would.