Thursday, November 11, 2010

Blurred vision or do you see clearly now?

Today, in Acts 10 and 11 Peter's eyes were opened! What about ours?

Do you have ever have a moment in your life that you have thoughts that perhaps you are someone's favorite? Or perhaps that you might be a little bit better than someone else? Not good thoughts, but have you inside your mind ever thought something like this?

Today's reading was a fabulous reading for all of us to keep in mind! Peter was given a vision about foods that he had considered unclean to eat and a voice told him to eat them three times. Peter responded that he couldn't do that that according to the law they were unclean. Then a voice from heaven replied do not consider anything unclean that God has made clean! Wow, God indeed shows no favoritism! We are all the same in God's eyes ~ His Children! The original word was dexomai meaning acceptable to Christ and Christ will and can save all!

Do we get it? Imagine, the indignation of the other Jewish leaders when they realized what Peter had done by entering the home of a man that was unclean before this vision was given to him. Peter didn't care what they thought, he cared what God thought and what He told him to do...he followed through with God's instructions. I love his words...But God has shown me that I should no longer think of anyone as impure or unclean. So I came without objection...How often do you find God speaking to you and you say But God have you thought about....or Let me explain God maybe you got the wrong often have you simply followed His instructions with no excuses? Are your eyes clear?

Wow, I love the way Peter listened and responded! Lord, let me be more like Peter and let my vision become clear with your instructions for me!

Sweet blessings,

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