Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Healing, do you need it?

Today, I felt the Lord leading me to share this post with everyone and get off the chronological reading to encourage others. I want to share a blog with you all that you might read and comment on - http://thewritelife2.wordpress.com/2010/11/15/a-good-attitude-is-a-terrible-thing-to-waste/#comment-1387 . Nikole was one of the women that was kind enough to share my book with her blogging friends and yesterday she wrote about healing. She is a powerful writer that makes you think!

I read her post last night and was reminded of my own journey and it was a powerful moment. A moment to remember that my desires are not always the path or plan that God desires for our journey. I want to pose a question for you...If you think back over your life and the path you take how much of it would you change really? After all, the path is your life. I struggled last night posing the question to myself would you change things or leave things alone, if you could have the child you desired. I couldn't sleep and I sit here this morning telling you I would leave things the way they are in my life. I know that it was God's plan and through acceptance that His ways are not my ways my life changed because He is number one.

Now don't get me wrong. I still long for that unborn child at times, but I longed for Jesus, so much more in this time. I didn't realize it was God that I was longing for, but it was! I don't accept my circumstances always in fact a lot, but it is well with my soul. I don't have to like my circumstances! I miss loved ones that are gone and I don't understand, but we all must face the times that are coming. We all know we are all born and we all must face separation with our loved ones.I sit and cry as I write this, because I know how much I will grieve and life will forever change, but I know I will not walk it alone! My Savior will carry me or my loved ones through, so I know for healing to take place that we must all reach for Jesus! Keep your eyes focused on Him and Him alone and know in your heart that we don't have to like our circumstance, but we must keep the faith in HIM!

True healing only comes from the LORD! Keep in mind that healing may not be the way we see it, but true divine healing from the LORD will happen just reach for HIM!

It is my prayer that healing comes and in the way each of you pray for, but if it is like in my situation HIS Way was much better than mine! Difficult yes, Hard yes, Lonely yes, but contentment and peace in a way that only HE provides with His healing! So, please take His Hand and allow Him to Heal you with His Divine Touch!

Sweet blessings,

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Frankie said...

Debbie, I am praying that I accept healing in the way Jesus gives it in His Divine Touch. Thanks for reminding me to take His Hand.