Monday, November 1, 2010

Vanished quickly

Our Savior was so alone to face this difficult moment. Our God wouldn't respond to Him, probably His heart was breaking knowing what He knew Jesus had to do, but He loved Him so. So, He wouldn't answer Jesus. The disciples went to sleep...yes sleep while waiting. I will give them a break in that they didn't understand and they had just had a huge meal, so it was quiet and they were full and still. Probably would have happened easily enough. It just saddens me that after every thing the hardest steps Jesus had to take - He did alone.

In Mark 14, we are told that the disciples deserted him and ran away. At first I as furious and I began to research and learned that probably it was necessary, so that they wouldn't be taken into custody as well. The future depended on these disciples and spreading the word about Jesus, so perhaps they fled because it was necessary. Perhaps, but it still bothered me. The men that knew him best vanished quickly.

Except for Peter and one other we are told in John 18, Peter followed Jesus, but he wasn't allowed into the courtyard. He stood warming himself by a fire when a woman ask "are you one of that man's disciples?" Peter, replied "No, I am not." The first denial. Reminded me of the old saying once, twice, three times your out from a ballgame, but not with Jesus thank goodness! We aren't out after three failures.

Jesus who loved these men so very much stood alone in the courtyard to face His questioners. He spoke truth still with love even facing death. He wasn't short and ugly like most of us might be, He simply spoke truth.

I was left to ponder would we vanish quickly, stand outside warming ourselve by the fire and then deny Him? Would we have tried to support Him? What would we have done?

Sweet blessings,

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Frankie said...

Debbie, it makes me wonder what I would do also? Would I stand firm or run?