Monday, July 18, 2011

Majestic Voice Heard

Isaiah 30:30 ~ And the LORD will make his majestic voice heard. He will display the strength of his mighty arm. It will descend with devouring flames, with cloudbursts, thunderstorms and huge hailstones.

Indeed, we know when God shows His splendor through the storms that surround us and then a rainbow will appear. God seems to show His beauty even in the storms that He sends. Next time a storm is happening look to the sky what do you see? Do you see the beauty of light shining through the dark clouds? Do you see the lightning zipping across the sky? Do you happen to see a rainbow beginning to appear?

God definitely knows how to be heard in this busy, noisy world! Only God can show up in the night sky, the daytime light, or anytime period! God alone is all powerful to create...Listen for God's majestic voice during the next storm, but also in the quiet moments of each day!

Sweet blessings,

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