Thursday, July 21, 2011

Making plans...

Are you a planner?

I have always been a girl, a young lady, a woman that plans. I make a list and I mark through each one after it was achieved. I felt a sense of relief and accomplishment just to be able to draw a line through each chore or duty...but never did I feel complete!

I had an emptiness, a longing of there is something more to my life than these lists! List after list and one day God changed all my plans...

I took a phone call and was invited to lunch. I went and an offer to change jobs at forty something was given. A job that required almost 7 days week, long hours, 2 weeks only vacation, lots of people with ideas and very few people to accomplish the dreams and I was like thanks, but no thanks...after all, I worked for my dad who thought and thinks I'm pretty special. So I worked when I wanted to, left work when I wanted to and pretty much had a dream job...Do you know that before the day was over I called and stepped into God's plans for my life? Do you know that I had a peace that I heard others talk about, but I didn't have...Finally, I was where I was suppose to be and I knew it!

When I got to Isaiah 37:26 I was reminded of this special day where all my plans went right out the window ~ But have you not heard? I decided long ago. Long ago I planned it, and now I am making it happen. then verse 28...But I know you well-where you stay and when you come and go...God sees you and He sees me and He knows the plans that He desires for each of us! Are you willing to step into His plan? I am able to tell you honestly that His plan is much better than mine. I no longer keep the list and mark through each one when it is accomplished, because I allow God to change my plans. Don't get me wrong (being a recovering planner) it's not easy. I still want to plan, but God changes the plans all the time and I'm getting better with going with His flow...He is teaching me His Way is so much better!

A recovering planner,


Linda said...

This just made me smile! What a journey you've had the past few years!

Frankie said...

Our God is a great God indeed! He knew that our lives would cross paths. For such a time as this...that He planned long ago and has made it happened.

There is no other God like Him. He created us.