Saturday, February 11, 2012

LORD went ahead...and still does!

Exodus12, 13 and Matthew 26: 1-35

The last several months I've been in a study by Priscilla Shirer entitled "One in a Million"  I highly recommend the study!!!!  It is a difficult study, but a life changing study!  A study that shows us about these particular verses from Exodus 13 about the people leaving Egypt.

God sometimes will lead us into the wilderness so that we will look to Him.  We will grow close to Him.  Look at chapter 13: 17-18...God did not lead them the shorter route, because knowing if it was shorter and they come upon travel they would return to Egypt!  Imagine, even though they were free from slavery and bondage they would still pick to go back once they came upon a difficult time!

Isn't this us?  Don't we want the easy no difficulties route?  Even if in the long run the other route is so much better, we would still pick slavery!!!  Let that sink in a moment.  God knew difficult times were coming and He was in front of them, but still He knows us.  He knows that we want easy.  He knows that we choose to relax and with our chains holding us down, but it's easy...

Don't settle for easy!  Don't settle for no problems!  God goes before you, so when it's difficult He carries us through!  He leads the way and helps us handle the difficult situations and it is so true!  Don't get me wrong I don't want hard times, but they are going to come and I want God with me.  I want Him going before me, because I know I can't handle anything without Him!  I don't care if it looks easy behind you difficult times are still going to come, so I want God going before me.  I know that if I keep my eyes on Him ahead of me, I'm never alone and He will get me through!

Keep your eyes on Him and you can handle whatever comes your way!

Sweet blessings,

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Frankie said...

What spoke to me today was in Exodus 12:12-13, God finally says that the firstborn males in Egypt would be killed and Pharoah still won't let God's people go. This reminded me of the Pharoah that had all of the Israelite's male babies killed when Moses was a baby. Maybe this sounds harsh, but it seems that it came back to the Egytians so to speak.

In v. 13, it says that the blood on the Israelites doorpost would be a sign for those households to be passed over. So with the blood of Jesus, when we accept His sacrifice on the cross for us.

From the N. T. reading in Matthew 26 today, I felt that I couldn't shake my finger at Judas, because afterall haven't we all betrayed Jesus in someway in our lifetime?
Forgive us Lord we ask.