Friday, February 24, 2012

Sacrifice must cost us something...

Psalm 90, Leviticus 1, 2 and Mark 5: 1-20

God's timing never seizes to amaze me!  My prayer before reading this morning was Lord I so desperately need a word from you.  A word, a reminder that it is not for naught.

Don't get me wrong I love ministry, but I also have a long list of Debbie things that I personally want to do just like everybody else in this world.  Daily I must choose God's list or Debbie's list and lately Debbie's list has been pulling very strongly at my desires.  The pain of someone you are working with that makes a choice different from what you would make, a person you love moving along a different path because God calls them to a different spot, the list could go on and on because it is the list of things that hurt.  A list that makes it difficult to stay on God's list of things and not your own.

God hit me between the eyes this morning in the reading.  I love it when He does that even when He is telling me that I need to straighten up.  I must admit that I was having a morning of saying Lord how could this person do this and this person do this and it was like the LORD said, Debbie why do you do what you do?  I was hit right between the eyes with my own wrong choices or wrong paths!  It hit me the pain I feel is nothing compared to what God feels moment to moment with ALL OF HIS CHILDREN!  I only minister to a few and we all mess up. (me included)  But God never stops loving us and pursuing us!  Thank you LORD!

Psalm 90 was so powerful for me this morning starting around verse 12 with help me gain a heart of wisdom and have compassion on your servants.  Yes, the author was asking the LORD to have compassion, but He used it to tell me to have compassion that I was no different from anyone else I made poor choices just yesterday myself.  Yes, He pointed them out!  IT was NOT pretty!

He even went further with me about being satisfied with HIS LOVE and how He established a work for me to do and to be satisfied!  Do the work and quit your complaining!  I heard you LORD and thank you once again for the scolding!  Lord, use my scolding to help someone else!  

God is so good.  He then lead me to Leviticus and the first thing that struck me was that sacrifice that the LORD calls us to do will cost us.  It will hurt us at times, but we must give it to HIM. 

Then it was on to Mark with the man and the demons.  The man finally freed from the chains, the loneliness and the LORD telling him to go and share how much the LORD has done for you.  Have we shared lately how much the LORD has done?  Share today!  Tell someone about how amazing it is when He sees you even if it is discipline, especially then!  Also, the times that you need to know He loves you so much and He lets you know just how much He loves you by giving you that Word you so desperately need to hear.  Just this week I had a very special friend know exactly at  a moment she needed so desperately to know He was with her and loved her and He did!  He showed up!

Share about Our Amazing Savior today with someone that so desperately needs to feel compassion and love from another believer!

Sweet blessings,


Chantay said...

Oh, how I know the feeling. And He is showing me that it is His way and His will and not mine.

There are many that so desperately need compassion and love and are just waiting on someone to share with them.

Rozi said...

This is so true, Debbie. It does take sacrifice, sometimes just to take the time to read the Word. The great thing is we serve a God that we can never outgive and our sacrifices are nothing compared to what he has done for us.
Also, we appreciate you and all that you are doing for women. Thank you for making the hard choices and for continuing on the path God has called you. I know your reward will be great!

Frankie said...

Debbie, when you share your heart with us like you do so often we are blessed!!!!!

Nikole Hahn said...

God has heard plenty of my complaining, and He tells me the same thing. I need to focus on the strength of Him more than me. It's not up to me.