Monday, February 6, 2012

You intend harm, but...

Genesis 49, 50, Matthew 23:23-29

We humans are sure less than what God intends us to be, aren't we?  I know I am...reading this morning I was struck when the brothers of Joseph were immediately concerned with their own welfare with their father gone.  Did they not see Joseph's heart?  Were they so wrapped up in themselves they could not see who Joseph truly was?  How could he harm them?

Joseph wept.  I imagine his heart was broken that truly these people so close to him just didn't get it...Oh he was hurt, but he felt pain for the ones he called brothers that were still not realizing what God was doing and the words that their own father spoke on his death bed about the future and their blessings.  Joseph knew God and his reply was so revealing ~ You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, to save so many lives.  so then, don't be afraid.  I will provide for you and your children.  And he reassured them and spoke kindly to them.

It reminds me of the time that the two words are spoken in Luke 11, when Lazarus had died and Mary and Martha were so broken.   The words of Why didn't you come sooner Lord?  If you only...such words and in verse 35 the words were Jesus wept.  Pondering this morning several things struck me from this passage Jesus wept because nobody got it...even those close to Him!  Also, He truly felt their pain of losing their friend, but He knew He was going to bring Him back, so the real heart break to me was that no one was getting it...

What do you think?  Do we get it?  Do we think friends have gone off the deep end, when they just want all the people they love and the ones that don't know Him to know Jesus.  I use to think people like me were a little out there or a little nuts, but know I know deep inside their heart just breaks because I just want everyone to know Jesus!  Don't get me wrong I fail moment to moment and mess up bad, but I do know Jesus and I have no doubts about that fact.  I don't know a lot about much, but I do know in my heart the difference that He makes in my life and how He truly changed me and my thinking.

Joseph shows us how to respond in difficult times.  

Also, I wanted to mention that perhaps Jacob loved Leah more than we think, because he ask to be buried with Leah not Rachel.  Perhaps after Rachel died Jacob truly came to love Leah too, so he ask to placed beside her. Sorry but I had to mention this just touched me knowing the pain Leah suffered loving Jacob and desiring him to feel the same about her.

Sweet blessings,

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Frankie said...

From Genesis 50:16, it sounds as though the brothers made up a lie, right back to their old ways. They had lied to their father, Jacob about what had happened to Joseph at their hands many years ago. And then they spoke very prophetic words in v.18 when they said to Joseph, "We are your slaves." They would indeed become slaves in Egypt.

Was there some point in all their time in Egypt that they might have thought about returning to Canaan, the Promised Land that God had for them. I guess that life in Egypt had become pretty comfortable until they were put into bondage. That is the way it is for us also I suppose. We are not so different from the Israelites.