Monday, February 13, 2012

What shall I do with Jesus?

Exodus 16, 17, 18 Matthew 27: 1-26

The words from Matthew 27 have recently really touched my heart...Pilate is sitting listening to the crowd about Jesus and he ask the question in verse 22 "What shall I do, then with Jesus who is called Christ?"  A very profound question for each of us to answer.

Once we have heard about Jesus we all get to decide the same question for ourselves.  What shall I do, with the one called Jesus?  Will I allow Jesus to change my life forever or will I reject Him?  We each get to answer the question for ourselves.  We may answer like Pilate and weakly reject Him or we allow Him to forever change us from the outside in or the inside out, whichever way we are forever different once He enters our life! He comes into our hearts and we are never the same!  Praise the LORD!  Things bother us that we use to turn our backs on.  We notice words that never use to bother us.  We see someone that desperately needs help and we try to help.  Jesus entering our life causes us to be people of action.

No longer do we turn a blind eye or act like things don't matter because of Jesus we aren't able to just sit and ignore things.  Change is a  part of Jesus entering our life and sometimes change is difficult for set in our ways women that don't like change, but we just can't help it anymore.  We have to act, not because of us, but because of Jesus living in us!  Nothing to do with me He lives inside me and that forever changed me.  

So I close asking the same question, "What shall I do, then with Jesus who is called Christ?"  What shall we do?

Sweet blessings,

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