Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sowers of the Word

Exodus 36, 37, 38 and Mark 4: 1-20

Today, what struck me was how deep in me is the Word getting?  Is it soaking in?  Is it going to be where I am able to reach in when I so desperately need a Word from God and get it or will Satan have taken it away?

Everyday I am growing in God's Word and I celebrate this truth!  I know that when the difficult times come and they will - I will have something very strong to cling to (PTL) God's Word!  Today and the story of the sower and the seed struck home with me once again about the importance of knowing God's Word.  It is to help us through the difficult times, to help us make decisions, to help us celebrate when we realize the Savior of the World sees us and wants to share with us!  It is so important to sow the seeds of truth all through our fields that surround us!  

I have never been a outdoorsy, get in the dirt girl that plants seeds to watch them grow!  I am a girl that tries daily now to plant God's seeds from His Word in the lives of those around me.  I try to show them that God will help them grow and grow and grow.

Plant your seeds,

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