Thursday, November 12, 2009

Jump to your feet!

Acts 14 ~ 8-20

When you have a moment please read the story of the crippled man being healed. This morning the story really brought to my spirit the words ~ Why don't we all jump to our feet and start walking?

When we hear a message like Paul must have given, why don't we jump to our feet?

The man was crippled from birth; he was so disabled that he could put no weight on his feet at all. He was listening intently to the message and Paul looked up and the man's countenance had so changed that Paul knew he had the faith to be healed. Imagine the look of the man said it all!

We hear powerful messages today. Do we leave with a look that the Power of God shows immediately? Do we leap and walk with such power that there is no denying God's power?

We may not be physically disabled, but we are all disabled at some point mentally. We may be stuck in depression, doesn't that disable you? We may be dealing with illness that disables us, right? Well,

The message this morning that I felt so strongly was why aren't we leaping and looking different to others? Why don't we show in our very being that we have been changed? Why don't others want what we have?

Oh, Lord let me be the person that shows you today in my face, in my walk, in my very being…You are powerful and through you anything is definitely possible!



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