Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Silence is golden

Matthew 27:12

But when the leading priests and the elders made their accusations against him, Jesus remained silent.


The quiet. Imagine the quiet in the crowd all waiting for Jesus to defend himself and how does he reply? Silence.

What about us? When we are accused do we remain silent?

I imagine Our Savior quietly standing waiting to take on my sin.

Yes, He knows what is coming and he makes no reply.

All we hear are accusations and the crowd, nothing but quiet from Our Savior.

Standing waiting to receive the sentence of death for me and for you. Silence.

Next time I feel unjustly accused, I want to remember how Our Savior replied ~





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Frankie said...

Debbie, I was moved to tears as I read about the trial and then death sentence for Jesus this morning. I was also struck by the crowd referred to as the mob shouting louder and louder and chanting, "Crucify Him."

Jesus was flogged with a lead-tipped whip by the Roman soldiers. He was taunted, beat, spit upon, mocked, blind-folded, insulted, struck in the head with a stick and a crown of thorns was forced on His head. Then they lead Him away to be crucified. He was silent, but how can we remain silent about our Lord and Savior?

This has been hard to read, but we must take in what Jesus did for us. Tomorrow as we read we will face the details of the crucifixion and the death of Jesus, then we can look forward to the Resurrection of our Saviour. He Lives!