Sunday, November 15, 2009


Acts 16: 16-40

Again, please read the above passage. Paul and Silas were arrested after Paul tired of a young demon possessed girl continually following them shouting after them and he demanded the demon come out. The masters of the girl were angry that their money from the profits of this young fortune telling girl was gone ~ demanded justice! So, Paul and Silas were beaten, and thrown into prison.

It tells us the hour was around midnight. Now keep in mind these men were in pain...the wounds would have been raw and painful, but….were they complaining?

No, it tells us that at midnight they were praying and singing hymns to God! Imagine, they were in pain, in the dark, alone in a cold cell and rather than seeking rest in the darkness they were singing to God. Still witnessing...just read the rest of the verse…the other prisoners were listening. So Paul and Silas were loud…so others could hear!

No shame, no worry of waking the others they were singing to their Lord. Wow….then suddenly a massive earthquake and the prison was shaken. Doors open, chains loosened and what's next? The jailer awakens fearing that the prisoners have run...he is about to kill himself when he hears…Stop! WE are here!

The jailer calls for light and runs to the dungeon. Falling to his feet trembling ~ what do I have to do to be saved? Imagine…He knows something is special with these men...they were wounded, hurting, saved and yet they stayed for him…Immediately he believed. He took them to his home and it tells us that even at the hour of the night, he cared for them and washed their wounds. The jailed showed "panoki" it tells us and you ask what is that ~ joy! He ran throughout his house sharing the panoki!

Wow, I am a morning person so this story really hit home with me. I can't imagine the pain of Paul and Silas, but yet they weren't sleeping and nursing their wounds they were praying and praising God! God provides when we are faithful!

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