Monday, March 8, 2010

Be bold!

Numbers 27: 1- 11

Five very powerful women are found in Numbers 27; alone, orphans in a time when women did not count for much other than childbearing. Parents have died it's time for the census and if they don't take a stand they will matter even less.

I place myself in these women's shoes and imagine the boldness it took to stand before Moses, Eleazar and the other tribe leaders and point out what they felt was unfair. I know how difficult that is today, when we have rights to be bold and step forward…imagine it – place yourself in the wilderness approaching the leaders of the day with your thoughts. Remember they would have been just that your thoughts..

Excuse me sirs, Mr. Moses…Yes, sir it was us…May we speak? Yes sir…I know it is odd for us to request such a thing, but please may we speak?

Sir, do you remember our father? Our Father, Zelophehad, who was a descendant of Hepher who was a son of Gilead, son of maker, son of Manasseh, who was a son of Joseph. You do remember what Joseph did for all of us, don't you??? ( I just know this would have been stressed by the girls) You do remember how Joseph saved all of us, don't you? After these little reminders…they would have gently proceeded with reminders that their family was not part of the rebellions against the Lord that they had been loyal. The only problem was he had no sons which some might few as a result of a sin for this we are sorry, but should we lose everything because he had no son? Should we not inherit what once belonged to him so that this important name will not disappear from the census? It was powerful. Moses took it to the Lord.

Now I imagine the girls ready to dance and high five and hug, but they had to restrain..they had no answer yet.

The Lord replied The claim of the daughters of Zelophehad is legitimate. You must give then a grant of land along with their father's relatives. Assign them the land that would have been given their father…Yes, now they are dancing!!!!

Imagine…have you ever had the urging that something just wasn't right? Were you bold like these women? I believe this was part of God's plan and it was in their own power whether they took the steps…He stirred them, but would they respond? What about you is He stirring you, are you going to respond? I encourage you to be bold…step out in faith and dance like the daughters of Zelophehad did…you know they did even if it was after they returned to their own tent…you know they danced!!!




Frankie said...

Debbie, this is a "cool" story. I like the thought that perhaps the daughters danced when they heard the decision on their claim for their father's property. What courage they displayed!

Because they were courageous, it meant that other women in their situation would benefit in the future as we read in Numbers 27:8.

In verses 12-23, Moses showed such compassion for the people as he asked the Lord to give them a leader after his death. At times Moses was very frustrated with the Israelites, but this passage showed how much he cared for them.

Very interesting stories that God gave us in His Holy Word!

thedubberlychick said...

I also loved the story of the women. They were brave; and don't you know they were doing the "happy dance" when they found out what the Lord's reply was. You go girls!!!..

I wonder how Moses felt when the Lord told him that it wouldn't be long and he would die? I can't imagine.

You're right, Frankie. Moses was very compassionate for the people. Time after time he intervened for them when the Lord was angry, and in the end, he asked for someone else to lead them after his death. I guess that's why the Lord loved him so much....