Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Joshua 23:8

Rather, cling tightly to the LORD your God as you have done until now.

Do you remember growing up and the times you were uncertain and how tightly you would hold on to your mom or dad? I do. I remember being in a crowd of people and I would cling so tightly to my dad for fear that I would be left behind or lost.

Reading this morning brought these memories back to me. A little differently this time because it was about The Lord and the times I find myself clinging so tightly to Him that I know I will not be lost. Mulling these thoughts it went through my mind the times that I am lost are the times that I'm not clinging. It is the time that I think I'll be okay on my own or I can handle this and I get lost.

The people of Israel had been through so much. They witnessed so much and the instructions were given Do not deviate from it, turning either to the right or to the left. Why do we all face the times in our journey that we deviate? We know the instructions and yet we think we know more…what is this all about? The devil works hard to grab us and cling tightly…It seems we like to forget that evil exist, but it does. Why don't we admit it? Why don't we gather together and cling tightly to the LORD to fight the evil?

So many lost that have deviated and are lost fighting evil. They are clinging to the wrong one that is disguised. We need to shine the light on the correct one to cling to and hold tight to by sharing His Word with those around us. We need to walk in the Light, so they immediately know who we cling to when we face being lost.

So today cling tightly to the LORD and let others see the One Who never lets you get lost!

Clinging to the Father,



thedubberlychick said...

I like that.... "Cling tightly to the Lord!

Yesterday you spoke of how we are guilty until proven innocent. You are so right! Even this morning when I was reading about the tribes of Reuben, Gad and Manasseh and thought, "not again guys, surely you are not worshiping an idol..." I already had them guilty!!! I would, incidentally, like to ask them why they thought that the other tribes could keep them from worshiping God. And, they would probably like to ask me why I think some of the things that I do. Okay, we're even!

Frankie said...

Debbie,there was a lot of good "stuff" in the reading today.

I liked Joshua's reminder to the Israelites in Joshua 23: 14, "...Deep in your hearts you know that every promise of the Lord your God has come true. Not a single one has failed!"

Even with that knowledge and history with the Lord God they would still turn to idol worship. How sad...do I do the same?

Praying that I cling tightly to the Father.