Monday, March 29, 2010

Safe place

Cities of Refuge

Joshua 20

A place of safety for people that may or may not have killed someone, but they are accused. God wanted these people to have a safe place. A safe place that one would receive a fair trial to determine the truth of guilt or innocence from whatever they were on the run from…

Do you ever wish there was such a place?

It seems that no longer to we have innocent until proven guilty. Often times, it is the exact opposite guilty until proven innocent. We convict with our thoughts, actions, and separate people off without allowing them a city of refuge…or another way to think about it is we don't allow the people that need a shoulder that made a bad choice a place to come and be reminded that they are safe. They are with people that love them no matter what…What happened to being friends that stood by even in the difficult times?

Lately, I've been placed in situations that people are alone. They have no one and they have no refuge. God provided a place of refuge for people that might have committed murder and we don't seem to offer this for much lesser situations any longer.

At times, I've wanted a place of refuge. I saw the picture and loved it. It represented refuge to me if a hurricane wasn't on the way…Imagine, the sound of waves and the quiet alone with My Father. Definitely, a place of refuge even in the eye of a hurricane ~ the place you meet with Our Savior. Run to the Father in the safe place and remember we are never alone!

Sweet blessings,


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Frankie said...

Debbie, thanks for reminding us that we are never alone. Running to the One who is our Safe Place.