Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Striving toward

Numbers 32:12

…for they wholeheartedly followed the LORD.

Joshua and Caleb were special they were exceptional and these words were written in the Bible for generations to read. Imagine it.

I love for people to place themselves in the stories of the Bible to try to imagine the feelings, the things happening around you, the sights, the sounds, the thoughts everything feel it. Would you have been one of the two or perhaps like me fallen into the other group?

Two people were all that left Egypt that would see the land they left Egypt to follow The Lord to….two. Not a very big number is it?

Wholeheartedly, completely, sincerely, entirely followed the Lord…WOW, that is what I strive daily to get to and daily I fall short…life gets in the way just like it got in the way for everybody, but these two special men. I want to be special, so daily I will get up and strive to wholeheartedly follow the LORD and I will improve with each day.

Imagine forever the words written about you….

(place your name) she wholeheartedly followed the LORD

Isn't that something to strive towards with your whole heart?



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