Tuesday, April 20, 2010

So Thirsty…

1 Samuel 23: 16

So the Three broke through the Philistine lines, drew some water from the well by the gate in Bethlehem and brought it to David. But he refused to drink it. Instead, he poured it out as an offering to the LORD.

The price was too high. The Lord alone is worthy of the sacrifice of blood that was shed to get this drink. So David poured it out. Awesome!

I studied this today with a thought – you cannot drink alone when so many are in want…So many desire the LORD and don't even realize what their hunger is about or for whom it is a hunger. How do we help? How do we help the people find the water?

Today, I was in the airport line the flights cancelled and listened to the people around me. The anger flying, the clerks who had nothing to do with the flights cancelling and the frustration of flying today and the tension mounted. The situation was so sad. I sat over to the side of the airport and I literally burst into tears. I am not a crying person in public. I cry alone. I didn't today and truly I believe God was showing me a bigger picture. I watched and felt helpless.

I prayed and it was so obvious that Lord was changing my plans along with all of these other people. I had looked so forward to this trip and yet I knew it wasn't the right timing. The peace that came over me was amazing. I got back up stood back in that line and cancelled my trip. The lady thanked me for being nice..for being nice isn't that something?

I sit here after reading thinking about this scripture and know in all my heart that God is sadden with the thirst around this world. He provides the water and yet so many would rather not drink. What do we do?

We let the LIGHT shine through us into this dark world! We are the nice ones in line that remind the people behind the counters that it isn't their fault and who knows why we aren't flying on that plane…maybe safety is an issue…I don't want a plane with mechanical issues flying me! We smile when it is hard to smile, we give a hug when we might not feel like hugging, we supply the water in a very thirsty world. We share The Word of God by walking the talk and remembering the sacrifice that Jesus paid for us! When you here sacrifice mentioned in today's world remember what it truly means and know that Jesus is the one that sacrificed – not us!!!

Sweet blessings,



Linda said...

I'm sorry your trip was cancelled, but am touched by your your peace in light of the circumstances.

Frankie said...

Debbie, that story about David is very interesting to me. He could have had anything he desired and he desired that drink of water, but then refused it and poured it our as an offering to God. I couldn't help but think of just ahead in the Scriptures how we will see that once again he desired somthing "Bathsheba" but yet he takes his desire and it causes him much grief.

We are the same or should I say, "I am the same?" We are faced with choices that our flesh desires regularly and must decide which is the better choice. Maybe we can learn something from David rather than take the wrong path ourselves.

You had a choice at the airport to make. Sounds as though you refused anger and poured out a sweet offering to God.