Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Who do we represent?  Who are we an ambassador for?  Do you know that an ambassador is a representative for something?

Okay, I know all of us sport the proud jerseys for our teams!  My jersey win or lose is always Arkansas Razorbacks - Go Hogs Go and I am surrounded daily by LSU Tiger fans that rather loudly, constantly remind me that they are tiger fans (like I can't read your shirts)  I know I may have blond hair, but I know who you support!  It is written all over us who our sports teams are and I tell you proudly that if my nieces or nephews are playing I am probably next to the loudest in the stands.  (Pam wins)  We get loud with the support of whomever we represent in the sports arena.

When we love a particular person that is running for office, some of us will put stickers on our cars, banners in our yards, and let our names be printed on materials.  We support them rather loudly.  I don't really want to even go to far in this area, because truthfully I think we all need to send most everyone of them home and start over with all of them.  We are way past supporting a particular party or whatever...we just need to clean house like we do in the spring!  Anyway...no one wins this discussion just turn on the news.

Recently, someone dropped by my office and we have the cutest t-shirts with Scripture on them.  She loved them, but stated very simply no need to buy those.  I said, really?  Yes, young people don't want to offend anyone by wearing scripture on their backs.  What?  You will wear a sports team that I don't care, if you are a hog, a tiger, a longhorn, a buckeye, a sooner, a gator it offends someone somewhere, but you wear it proudly! Where are we folks?  What is happening to us?

Christ came and died for us and yet we don't want to be ambassadors for His Kingdom?  Today, from 2 Corinthians 5 we are told to be ambassadors for God and that He knows if we are sincere!  Oops, we don't want to offend someone, but we call ourselves ambassadors?  Now, I know we need to be careful with our approach sometimes and allow the Holy Spirit to guide and direct, but what is easier than wearing a t-shirt that states who you belong to?  Nobody, but you picks the clothes you wear each day.  I don't comment on other peoples clothes, do you?  Unless, I like it.  Perhaps, it might cause someone to pause and think, but offend?  I don't think so and it if does...let it!  Start offending for God after all we don't mind offending others about our teams, do we?  Ponder this thought today.  

Choose to be an Ambassador For the Kingdom.  Next time you reach for your team's t-shirt pick the Kingdom building one.  We never know when game day is going to happen!

Sweet blessings,


Chantay said...

Great! I love it.

Lorie Reed said...

Thank you so much to the Journey of Sisters. I began my journey a year and a half ago at the Shreveport-Bossier Rescue Mission where I met my new sisters. During that time I grew in the Lord, as I learned that He had wonderful plans for my future, and my sisters showed me that I could have confidence in myself again. I am now a sucessful student at BPCC and I cannot thank my sisers enough for all of the support, love, and prayers that you all have given me. It is a blessing and a priviledge to know you and to be your sister in Christ. God's love shines through each of you and I love you all. God bless.