Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Oh to be different

Reading today it wasn't a particular passage that just took my breath away it was a person and that person was Stephen. Yes, he was unique! Yes, he was brave! Yes, he was special! Yes, he was different! He stood up for what he knew in his heart was true!

When was the last time that we did that? Oh, I like to think I will stand up, but would I really? If my life were on the line like Stephen's would I still stand tall? It is my prayer that I would, but we never know until we actually are in those shoes! Imagine, yourself in Stephen's sandals for a moment. You are shouting to a crowd that doesn't like what you are saying, but you give the history from many, many years to people that knew the history themselves, but refused to believe one part of the history. Christ the Messiah.

He called the leaders of the day out in front of everyone. He was going to make them take a stand. Could you be that brave? Could I? He tells them they are deaf to truth and a heathen! Imagine it! An angry crowd with everyone against you. Shouting their anger and they were enraged, but Stephen was full of the Holy Spirit saw the glory of God with Jesus at the right hand of God and he told them! Knowing full well what this would mean for him. The rocks begin to hit him and he is shouting for God to forgive them of this sin! Do you feel the rocks hitting you? Do you feel the pain with each one? Do you still beg forgiveness for the ones throwing them?

Going through this imagine this morning I knew full well that indeed I felt the pain of the rock being thrown, but I also felt the pain of the realization that indeed I don't beg forgiveness for the one throwing them.

Lord, indeed I ask you to help me be more like Stephen and ask forgiveness when I feel the stone come against me. Only through you will I be able to forgive I need your strength to show forgiveness never on my own will I be capable. I love you Lord and know that through you I will be able to forgive. Amen

Sweet blessings,

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Frankie said...

I felt so proud of Stephen as read about him Acts!