Monday, November 21, 2011


When I teach in a class with lots of older people I am always amazed that they have begun to feel that their time is done in kingdom work. We've done our time, so to speak is the message that I get from some, not all.

Reading this morning from 1 Corinthians 12 beginning in 12-31 about how many parts make up the body, it struck me it takes every last one of us! Verse 18 says it beautifully, "but our bodies have many parts, and God has put each part just where he wants it." The Kingdom needs all of us!

When our car's motor messes up? Will it run? Nope, not without the repairs. It needs all of its parts to run. The same is true with the body of Christ. God developed a plan that includes each of us in a particular role. He doesn't have to use us, but He wants to use us. So His plan does include you and me. Do we want to let Him down? It makes me think of when we disappoint our parent or another loved one and the pain they feel because of our disappointing them. God gets disappointed with us and I hate to think about how often...but we will not even go there. No, we will stick with how it takes each and everyone us with the plan that God developed with each of us in mind.

Today, use the gift that God gave you. If we each use our gift, the world will shine brighter today!

Sweet blessings,

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