Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Inside our jail cells

We make choices daily that forever affect our journey! We makes some good ones and others it feels like we place ourselves inside a prison cell.

A cell where we wonder, if we will ever be freed again. Reading, this morning from Acts 16 where Paul and Silas find themselves inside a prison cell for talking about Jesus I was struck by their actions while inside the cell. What did they do? They prayed and sang hymns to God!

When we find ourselves inside our prison walls for whatever reason, do you find yourself singing hymns and praising God? What a witness these two men were to all around them and then God provided and earthquake to open the doors and chains to fall off and still they set an example for all of us to learn from they stayed put...They did not run! Knowing a man's life would be at stake they stayed put and witnessed by their example. Imagine, this scene in your head. Wow, what a testimony this jailer had to share with all that would listen. A man that was about to kill himself knowing the price was going to be his life, if these two men had escaped. He just knew they had and was about to take his own life, when suddenly this voice shouted, "STOP!"...

Are we allowing God's Light to shine through our prison cell?

Sweet blessings,

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