Thursday, November 10, 2011


How can I?

What a question that each of us should give some thought to - what is the man saying in Acts 8?

The man only knew of the old testament no written word about Jesus yet. No one had spoken about Jesus with him, but still his heart was searching for answers. Jesus was pursuing him.

Today, we have people all around us that don't know Jesus. Some think they do, Some don't want to, Some have never even heard of Him, Some balk at the thought of Jesus, Some love Him with all their might, but are afraid to stand up for Him, so do they really believe? So many thoughts went through my mind when I read this statement. "How can I, unless someone instructs me?" The original greek word was Hodegeo which meant leads on ones way. Are we leading any one on their way? Are we leading them the right way?

I guess what was really placed on my heart is are we leading people along the way? Are we sharing Jesus with others by our walks? I love WWJD, because truly our actions sometimes speak louder than our words. Are we truly walking the talk or just running at the mouth? I ask these questions aloud, because I am searching my own heart for truth as I write. Any time, I write I am also asking the same words of myself. Never ever do I want anyone that reads this blog to think I think I've got it all together. I fail moment to moment, but I want to improve moment to moment as well. I want to share what Jesus did for me with others. Yes, He died on the cross for me. My Sins cost Jesus His Life. He would have died just for me or just for you! He loves each of us this much.

Today, ponder are we leading people the right way? How do you define the right way? I am very Kingdom minded and I know that God loves me enough that He sent His Son to die for me and it's not much to ask of each of us to share this with others by our actions, by our words, by our journey! Go today and lead!

Sweet blessings,

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Frankie said...

Philip shared the good news of Jesus Christ with the Ethiopian. Who am I sharing the Good News with?