Monday, April 9, 2012

Filled to the brim...

I was reading the story this morning of Jesus changing the water to wine and two things captured my attention and my thought process. (John 2)   First, in verse 7 -  look how Jesus told the servants to fill the jars with water and it goes on to say they filled them to the brim.  The servants filled the jars till they were running over and already Jesus had such a feeling surrounding Him that the servants wanted to fill up and be filled up.  Or at least I think so, they didn't question Him and they knew they were short on wine, not water but they listened to what Jesus told them to do and filled the jars with water!  Water and Jesus is Living Water what a metaphor right here in the very beginning of John.  Early in His ministry Jesus had the aura of people listening to what He said and then they wanted to please Him, they wanted more of Him, so they followed His instructions.  His Light was Shining so bright that they didn't question they just obeyed this man that was attending the wedding.

The next thing that just jumped off the page at me Jesus told them to take this water to the master!  They knew they filled those jars with water.  Water not wine and they were knowingly were going to take this water to the master.  They were taking a big chance because only wine would be served to his guests not water.  Continue looking at verse 9 and we are told that the master did not know where the servants had gotten the wine, but the servants knew.  The servants knew!  The servants knew a secret, but they didn't exclaim it.  Jesus allowed them, "the servants" to witness this first miracle.  Oh it wasn't a healing of a person, but it was a pretty big deal.  I mean Jesus turned water into wine and He shared it with the servants.  The master never realizing that the Messiah had just done His first miracle at this wedding.  No, the master just thought they had a huge mess up and saved the best wine for last!

Don't we save the best for last sometimes?  I mean in our walk with God, don't we wait or at least the majority of people do until later in life to experience more?  We wait until later, but what if later doesn't come?  I think once again one of the most touching things is how Jesus shared it with people that others viewed "less than" or those that were only there to serve.  Jesus began His life of serving everyone with those at that wedding that were there to serve.  Jesus indeed filled up those servants to the brim!  I have this beautiful picture of the servers returning home that night exclaiming to their family about this young man that attended the wedding they worked at today with dancing and laughing and then walking over and telling them to fill the jars with water and then it became wine!  The master said it was the best wine and little did that master know that the "True Master" had filled the jars with wine!

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