Friday, April 6, 2012

Knocking will you let me in?

I was relaxing and reading in the pool this afternoon when I kept hearing knock, knock, knock and I begin to look around.  I mean this noise is constant and beginning to annoy me and my reading.  I look so forward to this time of year of reading and learning, while I relax in the pool.  Down time I call it and I don't allow myself this much anymore!

Well, anyway it was a knock, knock, knock, and it went on and on.  Finally, I spot this beautiful little bird just pecking away in this palm tree.  I still don't know what it was doing, but it was working so hard.  I didn't stop to get my camera until later after the little bird was long gone, but God gave me a very powerful message.  While pausing to investigate the noise I discovered something so awe inspiring!  Don't miss your moments!

You see butterflies have been a special thing between me and God and a lot of other people and God, but me too!  Anyway, I began to take my nose out of the book and look around and they were flying around me on my float and some were even just resting floating right along with me this afternoon and it was so powerful that God was saying - Be still and know that I am God along with I'm knocking are you going to let me in???  I was reading about Him and He was right there with me!  I put my book down and just enjoyed His Mighty Company!

Relax and enjoy spending time with Our Father!

Sweet Blessings,


Linda said...

Aw, I love that!!! Of course I can never see a butterfly "anything" without thinking of you!

Frankie said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful moment with us!