Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Winning isn't everything!

Okay, those of you that know me know I love to win!  I take my sports seriously!  I am a huge did I say huge Arkansas Razorback fan?  Well, I am!  The past two years have been awesome being 21-5 with the future looking bright for even better things to happen, until one Sunday afternoon recently.

Yes, a coach decided to take a chance.  No one would be the wiser (he thought)  Well, things have a way of coming out.

I sit and write this morning saying I am proud of the University of Arkansas for taking a very difficult stand! A stand that will affect them financially, possibly in games, but they stood for what is right!  Difficult choices are not easy, but we all need to stand for right choices.  We all make mistakes and I am not sitting in judgment, but when you are a public figure; you must be able to stand up and admit your mistake rather than adding to the first wrong choice with another one!  When you are leading young people people must realize that for them to be honest with you, you must be honest with them.  We are not allowed to do one thing and ask young people to do another!  We ask them to walk the talk and we must do the same!  

Again, I love to win and I've realized win or lose ~ Arkansas is a winner!

Sweet blessings,

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