Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Is anybody listening?

We reside in a world filled to the brim with hurting people.  Yes, some of the hurts are self-inflicted hurts, but they still are hurting.  We are called to love those around us, not to judge, not to condemn, but to show compassion and perhaps tough love at times, but love!

Sometimes the people just need someone to listen.  When we take a moment to listen they realize in that moment that someone sees them, that someone cares enough to pause in their busy day and notice them!  Have you noticed anyone lately?  Perhaps that lady on the grocery aisle you are about to make eye contact with needs someone just to smile and say love that blouse, your haircut is so cute, your child is adorable just something to know that you see them!

I read these words that just touched my soul - Jesus heard something different, because he listens like no other person in the world.  Jesus recognized her voice because his entire focus is on people in need.  Dorothy Valcarcel worded it so beautifully that Jesus listens like no other!  It is not past tense, He still listens!  I know because when I truly pour my all out to Him, I realize that I am loved and that indeed He hears me and He knows!  It is truly hard to describe the peace, but it happens.  Try it for yourself, but in the mean time be His arms, His smile, His words, His feet to someone in this hurting world!  Let someone see His Light shining through you today!

He Sees You!  He Hears You!  He Loves You!

Sweet blessings,

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Frankie said...

I am so glad that I worship the One and Only God that sees, hears and loves me! Thank You, Lord!