Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Peace anyone?

"My peace I give to you"  John 14:27

What does the kind of peace Jesus is talking about look like to you?

In my quiet time this morning I meditated and pondered this scripture and found the image of Jesus always saving me.  My mind had the image of the game we always played in youth about trusting your friends to catch you, so you fall back into their arms.  Well, that is the image that came to my mind about this verse.  I have peace because I trust all the promises Jesus made to each of us!

Truly a peace that passes all understanding.  I share that this was not always so and I've told many of you before that Kenny always told me that I lived in fear.  Fear of what was going to happen and it's true.  At least it was true until I truly trusted and believed God keeps His promises and truly Jesus gave me this peace.

Ponder your thoughts about what this peace looks like to you.  Do you have it?  If so, how do you describe it?

Give thanks for this gift of peace!

Sweet blessings,

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Frankie said...

The Bible tells us that the peace that comes from Christ transcends all understanding. For me it is knowing that He is with me in all circumstances regardless of the outcome.